Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Halloween - Keeper the First

When our bichon was three I got him a Halloween costume. I do not even remember what it was. I don't think I have any photos of it. Maybe it didn't fit him? That was seven years ago - we had digital and film cameras then but I do not remember any photos.

This year I had an urge to dress him for Halloween. Temporary insanity? Maybe. Or maybe it is because I am not going to any costume parties and have no kids of my own to dress.

Oh my God, the dog really is our third child. Gadzooks, I am so glad he will not be needing higher education tuition!

Anyway, for your amusement this Halloween, I present Keeper the First

Happy Halloween and safe, healthy trick or treats to all! 


Unknown said...

That is adorable!!!

I have a Maltese. I don't dress him up every year, but he does have a few costumes we pull out now and then.

FredT said...

Looks like a catholic... or should that be a cat hol lic er

Vickie said...

Very cute.

Jack said...

He's a cutie. Happy Halloween everyone!

PlumPetals said...

What a cute costume :)