Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Is it November 4th Already?

All I wanted the whole month of October was time to sit and reflect on this time of year. The last week of October became a crazy, busy time with almost no time to sit and think. I really had to work hard to carve out that space for myself. I am not complaining or pulling a 'poor me.' It is what it was and what it was is livable.

Here is how the final week went:

Food - sober, clean and kind to my body. No problems there.

Workouts - four days of active physical activity. 

Pumpkin - Well, I tried to carve a real pumpkin and used a drill and my own vision of what I wanted it to look like. First of all, my beautiful pumpkin started to rot from the inside out before I ever got to cut into it. It was a disaster and I tossed it in the garbage. Maybe next year.

Halloween events: I had two Halloween events for clients this year. Both involved chocolates and cakes and both involved me getting my hands 'dirty' (dirty as in covered in chocolate mess). At no time did I have a need to put my hand near my mouth. However there was an instance of -

NASAL ASSAULT: This is what happens when you are sugar and chocolate free for 8 months and you have to open up a few bags of fun-size bars for work. The aroma of the chocolate exploded out of the plastic bag and assaulted my nasal cavity. I didn't eat the chocolate and honestly, I didn't want to eat the chocolate yet the sudden and powerful smells hit me like a brick.  I am glad I was not hungry and have a guideline for eating that, for today, does not include gratuitous eating. 

Work: the overwhelming force this week. Eight events plus all the prep and planning work. I am, as always - behind on November and December but not beating myself up about it. 

Charlie Brown: I have the DVD and can watch anytime I want. I kept putting it off so I could sit with my husband and watch it. Now it is November 4th and we still never sat down with it. Gratefully, I can play it in my mind any day of the year (and sometimes I do). Tonight I am finally going to put the DVD in the machine and put it on as a drift off the sleep. Like Charlie Brown, maybe I will finally kick that old football. 

Jane Time: I still managed to get in three fellowship meetings and my therapist. I also managed to get enough work done so November 1st and 2nd were spent entirely with our daughter who came to visit this weekend from New York City. November 1st and 2nd were full of family time and that is the best time of all. 

 I have not gained weight, binged, eaten off my plan or misused anything or anyone in order to control my eating. Keeping the pounds off through October is a victory no matter how I look at it.

Now it is already November 4th. Living a full life sometimes makes the days fly by. Life went by too quickly when I was living with my head in the fridge. But that was a different and less joyous life. When I was full of food I could not necessarily look back and distinguish one day from the other. Today I am living a life full of good things and when they run together in my mind it is because there is plenty - not Good and Plenty candy! 

We can live and enjoy this next month while keeping the pounds off, too. 



Karen said...

Good stuff , Jane. I can completely relate to the nasal assault. I am sometimes nasally assaulted at work. I surf that smell and get away from it as soon as possible. I always am glad for abstaining

Jane Cartelli said...

Karen, I am grateful to be in a mental place where I can recognize when a smell accentuates already existing hunger vs. when it is forcing a food scent on me.

bbubblyb said...

What a lovely family :) I bet you enjoyed getting time with them all. way to go on another month food sober, wow, 8 months is impressive Jane :) Maybe I need to do something similar with counting the days, weeks, months :) Yes,those smell assaults are tough at times but you did a great job passing it up :)

life coach Gerri Helms, PCC, CCC said...

i appreciate your sharing that it is possible to stay away from sugar. You are my hero

Just Me! said...

I had the nasal assault happen also, but sadly I gave in. Right now, my sugar addiction is winning!

Jane Cartelli said...

Dawn: When we (my family) are all together it is a happy time indeed! I remember growing up my grandmother saw her son in California once every 2-8 years and they only talked a couple of times a year on the phone because of the cost. I am just happy living in a time when free long distance calls, texting, social media connections and skype make lots of communication possible.

Jane Cartelli said...

Gerri - Look who's talking! You have been sugar free for years. Thank you for your example.

Jane Cartelli said...

Just me!: Every hour we can begin again. The first day is hard but it gets better again. Keep at it. I believe you can do it.

Unknown said...

Lovely photo of your family. :-)