Sunday, January 25, 2015

Club Med. . . . ical Center

I have been steadily removing things from my home as I identify, organize and simplify our home with the goal of making it peaceful and welcoming to positive energy. The process has been easy in some ways and slower in others. The medical equipment is something that is getting me down because there are so many things and they have to be moved around all the time. Some days I feel as though everywhere I look in this house I see something medical: wheelchair, syringes, prescriptions, crutches, knee-walker, standing walker, grab bars, shower chair. . . 

Instead of getting that zen-restorative feeling from a good home reorganization, I feel like I am in a disorganized rundown hospital. 

The funny thing is that I have always enjoyed a good hospital setting. Organized, clean, bright - full of caring and nurturing professionals. I am one of the weird people in life who actually become energized by a hospital stay. I never wanted to be sick - I just liked the atmosphere of country club-type hospitals where I candy striped as a teen, where I had my children and where I had my hysterectomy 10 years ago. I was blessed to never need a massive city-center facility. 

Now I realize what I really liked was the cleanliness and care I witnessed or received. 

Now I am the caregiver and I cannot keep up with the high level of work, stress and attention to detail needed for that restorative environment. In the past there were many hands involved. This is mostly me. It has been eight weeks and I think I need a day to myself to re-charge. 

What does this have to do with keeping the pounds off? I am NOT looking to act out with food or eat over any of this. I want to recharge with a peaceful day of relaxing with nature. I want to swim, read outdoors, hug a tree. These are all good things. 

I can't take a whole day. I have too much to do and too many responsibilities to take a whole day right now. My solution is to give myself two hours a day each day this week until I either feel healed or until I can give myself a full day. 

Do you actively strive to make your home peaceful, inviting in positive energy? What do you do when life has other plans? 



Vickie said...

We have yet to have a kid move and take their stuff with them.

Middle's teaching stuff is all here.

Family stuff from my husband's mother's house came in 2010. So we put a whole truck of stuff in an already full house.

I am a stuff person.

I have a friend who has a totally bare house. Nothing on kitchen counters. Shelves are bare. It looks like they moved in couches, chairs, beds, dressers, a table and chairs and nothing else. So she is the other extreme. I do not feel comfortable there.

The excess we have now, is FAMILY stuff the kids will want. Do want. Or it is stuff we are currently using.

Like we have two big TV's in the living room because when everyone is home, 1-2 people are gaming while everyone else is watching TV because they all want to be in the same room. We actually have another TV we can pull in if there are more gamers.

I look forward to kids taking their stuff. When middle marries/moves, a lot of it will go. But that will not be for several years.

When middle was not feeling well and everything was really upsetting, I took her for one hour massages a couple times. Really helped.

Hot water, bath tub, makes a big difference for me on a daily basis.

And as weird as it sounds cleaning something simple is one of the best things I can do for myself on a daily basis. Like keeping up with the dishwasher.

I do think Karen P is very smart to have tapped Into walking her beach and taking pictures. I can see that really works for her.

Right now I am working on Genealogy and that is helping me. Something to work on, very big puzzle, I love puzzles, something my kids are very interested in having done.

In the summer, bike rides really help.

My book groups used to really help.

bbubblyb said...

I do try to make my home peaceful, inviting in positive energy but I definitely could spend more time doing things around my house. I smiled reading about your house feeling more like a rundown hospital as I still have my crutches leaned against the wall in the bedroom and my knee walker was still sitting in a corner until just recently when it finally got moved to the shed. So I totally can understand how that all feels cluttering up your space. I also am sure it's been a tough time caring for your daughters needs and still caring for yourself. When I've found myself overwhelmed the thing that helps the most is finding time with a girlfriend(s) to laugh and share stories :) Hope you got your "recover" time for yourself and are feeling less run down. I too have missed you :) thanks for your comment on my last post :) I need to get back to blogging as that too helps me recharge being able to share with everyone how life has been going.