Friday, January 16, 2015

Five Words 2015

I started out 2014 working with the book Life Makeovers by Cheryl Richardson.  Then around week five on 2014 I relapsed and put the book on the shelf so I could concentrate on my recovery and not drive off the road trying to correct everything in my life at once.

Today, a few days shy of eleven months of clean food sobriety. I picked the book back up again and started where I left off. Week five is where you pick five absolute YES concepts for your life and put the words on cards throughout the house (strategically placed) to remind you of them. There is a whole activity that leads you to choosing the five concepts. This blog is not a review of the book so I am not going to detail the activity. 

Here are my 5 absolutes YES concepts for my life today (and the reasons I picked each one)

Mindfulness (which envelopes prayer, contemplation and meditation)
Simplicity (such as keeping it simple, easy does it and one day at a time - does not mean easy)
Self Care (as in putting on my oxygen mask before trying to help someone else)
Relationships (the ones I have, those I want and those to be released)
Organization (creating a clear pathway for positive energy, thoughts and actions)

I am looking forward to seeing how these five absolute YES concepts play in my life this year. 

Anyone have YES concepts for this new year? 



Vickie said...

Loved all five.

PJ Geek said...

love yours..perfect.

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing this book and how you are using it, Jane.

1. Abstaining: from trigger foods, time wasters, etc

2. Sleep: sleep habits

3. Clear: clear clutter

4. Process: easier house maintenance due to cleared clutter.

5. Photo walk: take my camera, and GO!

Anonymous said...

Those are good ones