Tuesday, January 13, 2015

One Month Post Op -

Today is one month post op. Everything is going well with the exception of getting her foot to neutral. The doctor in NY positioned my daughter's foot in a ballerina toe-point when he set her leg and cast it. - this is something that should be avoided at all costs unless it is medically necessary. It was not.  It remained that way until the hour we saw the doctor in Florida. At that point her leg had 13 days in a poor position and her tendon had to be slowly stretched back toward neutral.

They got it half way from hell to neutral when they cast the leg after surgery, 1 month ago. 

Two weeks ago they changed the cast, did imaging tests to make sure there were no blood clots, removed the staples and had her do a stretching exercise for her foot and tendons for 20 minutes before re casting the leg. This photo shows the stretching exercise. It is her right leg from the left side. See the line of wounds going up the leg - they were there when they removed the NY cast. Lauren does not know where they came from. The lower two are deep. The coloring on the leg is not shadows. That is bruising and was taken 30 days after the initial injury.

The right side of the right leg has the incision with 24 staples. 

She got closer to neutral but still not perfect. 

They had her come back last Monday to stretch it further. While the cast was off this time I was able to shave her lower leg and slough off all the dead skin from the ball of the foot to the ankle before recasting. They got close to neutral but still not 100%. Here is the cast now. She allowed me to choose the color and decorations.

She goes back on the 29th and they will bring her all the way to neutral and give her a walking cast.

In the meantime, today she gets her knee walker. If it works with her body type and she is comfortable,  it will provide her with the ability to be more independent while still remaining non-weight bearing and when she is weight bearing it will be useful in situations where there is extensive ground to cover. She can walk around a store instead of sit and spin her wheels.

How am I? I had a few days where I had cheese, flour and butter all on the same day. Not the best choice for me on any given day but the behavior has abated. No binges. No insanity. Chocolate is not a vegetable.  Still refraining from sugar - thank God. Maybe best of all is a willingness to pause and allow that I do not have all the answers. Respecting the viewpoints of others is a gift that came with my recovery.

I got a FitBit for Christmas and made my marathon badge quickly. (not a real marathon, just a total of 26-point-whatever miles). If I can walk 100 miles in January I will be happy. If my daughter can walk one mile she will be very happy.

It's all a matter of prospective.



Vickie said...

Good heavens.

I know a lot about the foot position thing from my middle's autism studies, getting that heel down is one of the common challenges with those kids (why that happens with them, toe walking, I am not sure).

So I know how important it is and how hard.

Good thing she was able to just pick up and go back to Florida with you, because all of this would have been pretty awful in NY (not even talking about the medical care, just mean the stairs, commutes, weather, etc).

Do you have pictures from when it first happened that you know those wounds weren't there? Like NY caused them? Or NY put the cast over them untreated? Or they were not there when the NY cast went on?

How are her spirits?

Jane Cartelli said...

By the time I reached NY she already had her first cast and I never saw her leg uncovered until we reached Florida. When the FL doctor took off the first cast and saw her leg and said "What the hell," I could see the puncture wounds. I believe they happened in the fall and Lauren was unaware of them, which is possible as she was in shock at the time. What is amazing to me is that they were not treated in NY. I am amazed she did not have an infection. Doctor in Florida cleaned them out and coated them in iodine the day before surgery and after the cast was changed.

She scars very poorly. Every scratch leaves a scar on this child. These will leave permanent marks no matter what. The only difference is that if they had been treated earlier they might not have needed to be cleaned so deeply weeks later and might have healed without being so raised.

Her spirits are amazing. I am sure it is because she still has her job and because she can connect to her friends each day with social media.

I thank God every day for the job she has, the insurance plan she has and the company she works for.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad things are going well now. Here's hoping the rest of her recovery goes smoothly.

Vickie said...

I was thinking the same thing about her job. Really lucky.