Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Five YES Words Work for Work

Today I am following up on my previous post about the absolute YES word/concepts for my life in 2015, as per the book Life Makeovers by Cheryl Richardson. The author suggests that the exercise can also be adapted for business practices.

I determined my five absolutely YES words for business this year are:

  1. Respect (it goes both ways)
  2. Organization (always needed)
  3. Gratitude (show clients you appreciate them)
  4. Compassion (It is not all about the money)
  5. Enjoyment (love what you do and you will never work a day in your life)

On this last (Enjoyment), I recognize there are a few things I do in my business that I don't love. I am not talking about paperwork (hate it but necessary) and phone calls (hate them but necessary). I mean things that I offer that I just do not like doing. These usually stem from clients making a request over and above what I provide and my detrimental habit (some say character defect) of people-pleasing. I appreciate my clients and work diligently to provide the best events possible in order to exceed their expectations (where possible). Overreaching is dis-organizing. I am really going to practice awareness on this and examine my expectations and motives, pausing before agreeing and setting healthier boundaries with compassion and respect. - See how I can tie these concepts all together? I love this already.

I own my own business. I created it. I direct it. Sometimes it is a 60+ hour a week concern. I bring my goal of keeping the pounds off into all things, even work. This is why I stopped providing food as part of my events in 2014. It was a healthy boundary for me. It makes sense to bring other healthy practices into my work environment in 2015.

What helps you at work? What challenges you at work?



Vickie said...

I had huge overreaching problems. So I loved your - overreaching is dis-organizing.

Part of that, for me, was hiding from my truths, keeping myself busy so as not to deal with reality.

Friend of son has trip to Disney for this weekend. It was (supposed to be) a surprise for his girlfriend. They were not to mail anything to house. Yes, they mailed to house. I was telling my son about your business as we were talking about this (unfortunate mailing) last night. Funny that you posted this today. Because I was just thinking/talking about your business.

Jane Cartelli said...

Ah yes, that is why I never call a house or mail anything to our clients unless the event is only for a child. They must have a safe email address - safe from prying eyes.

Once, years ago, a guy sent me his request for an engagement and supplied his email address for me to reply ASAP. I did. His girlfriend read it. He then blamed me for spoiling his surprise. I had no problem telling him he was the only one to blame. The hard part was to do it with kindness and not say what I was really thinking. :-)