Thursday, February 26, 2015

Holy Crap! I have a Personal Trainer!

Once upon a time, eons ago, in the 1990's, a would go to the gym at the YMCA and work out on a treadmill and use their weight machines. There was a snooty-nebish looking guy there who was a 'personal trainer.' People paid him to tell them exactly how to work out on the machines. I write that he was snooty because he was very impatient when someone (like me) was using a machine he wanted to get his client on at that very moment or else. I write he was nebish because he resembled a cross between a young Woody Allen, younger Fred Armisen and younger Joshua Malina. Slight build, walked around carrying his briefcase (to physically train people?). He wore his pants too high and he did not have the look of someone who know what they were doing in a gym. But I digress - 

Three years ago someone I know won three sessions with a personal trainer and did not want to use the service. She offered me the prize. I said thank you and she promptly lost the certificate somewhere in her overstuffed home office. Fast forward to this January: she found the certificate and saw that it expired in 2013. So she called the trainer and he offered to honor it now. Then she gave it to me. (Thank you Nancy). 

The trainer has been in business over 35 years. He is about 65 but looks younger and he is in really good shape. His manner is very friendly, as is the atmosphere of his training facility. He is extremely knowledgeable. He has already secured his reputation as a trainer and is not trying to finance his retirement by selling me a long term commitment or anything else. He is very willing to work with my physical limitations. He is not trying to sell me on a membership to the gym itself. He is not pushing supplements or vitamins. He suggested I buy some elastic bands on Amazon ($12-$15) as a way to further my workout at home.  He offered to break up the three sessions over two months so he and I can evaluate my progress and tweak where necessary. 

I have one more session and then I will be paying him $65 an hour whenever I want to tweak/evaluate, be it four, six or eight weeks apart. He even offered to have me work with one of his other trainers at $30 an hour if I wanted to pay less. I want to work with him. He is closer to my age and understands (via first hand experience) the issues concerning aging knees and weak spine. 

I have enjoyed the first two sessions very much. Okay, the first one was a bit intimidating because I did not know what to expect. He even gave me a second 'first session' so he could evaluate my physical condition before a workout session. 

So now, in addition to the Biggest Loser DVD from seasons one and two, the Curves circuit in my garage, the hand weights, Bosu and kettleball in the house, I have elastic bands and a series of exercises printed out to do each day. 

My aim was to work out with the weights every other day - three times a week. My trainer (John) suggested I aim to work out with the weights every day and then when things come up (as they often will), I can miss a day and probably still get in four workouts a week.

I'll report back on this in a few months as I see progress to report. If I crap out and stop going for any reason, I will report on that, too. 



PlumPetals said...

Glad you had a good experience with your personal trainer - I've seen trainers at both ends of the spectrum - surly and unfriendly to those who are super supportive and encouraging. Good luck with your routine!

Beth Ann said...

My first personal trainer was terrible and I absolutely dreaded every session. It took a while, but I found others that made me feel wonderful about myself and my progress. I hope you enjoy yours!!

Unknown said...

Yay! Your personal trainer sounds like a great match, and you sound inspired by him. Awesome! I'm very happy for you. :-) !!!

Vickie said...

I shoot for every day for the same reason your trainer suggested. And I feel very strongly about that (like your trainer). I do not do the same routine every day (good that you have a variety). I break mine up by upper body one day, lower body the next day, abs the third day and then hit those areas in different ways each time, so that gives me three day cycle with infinite variations.

Very fun you have trainer. I think they can be wonderful, if they are a good fit, and it sounds like yours is. I like that it is not a several times a week thing, but instead he teaches you to work on your own. And you then meet to learn more, progress.