Monday, February 16, 2015

I'm Doing 10,000+ a Day

Not Calories - steps. I got a Fitbit for Christmas and started using it on January 1. With a Fitbit my wristband vibrates and little lights flash and twinkle when I reach my step goal for the day. I set a goal of 10,000 steps a day, thinking that easily doable. My goal was a little out-of-sync with reality during the first 31 days of the year.

It turned out that 10,000 steps was 'easy' if I had time for a very long walk. It was easy on a day when I had work that had me walking around the parks several times in the course of a day. Not so easy if I was working in the office/house/car. I had to be aware of that and take a bit more care to reach it those days. That was a learning and practice curve.

Along with the step goal, I also set my mind up with a goal of 100 miles in January and visions of 1,200 miles for the year. I pushed very hard to reach the goal during the last few days of January. I reached the 100 mile goal on the 30th and decided I would not push myself to do 100 miles in February - the hell with thinking about 1,200 for the year. Instead, I would concentrate on the steps - stretching myself to achieve 10,000 steps a day.

Notice I wrote 'stretching myself.' The mindset is positive. I am moving into it. I am not pushing myself, forcing myself, berating myself into doing more, more, more and liking it less, less, less. Instead, I am enjoying the process and seeing progress.

Here we are at the half way point in February, I have  hit 10,000 on 11 of the first 14 days but I had 10,000+ steps on 11 of the 14 days. Surprising to me:  I am already over the fifty mile mark and on track for doing 100+ miles this month. I have four or five friends also using Fitbit. I am not as active as some of them. I average 11,000 steps a day and a few of them average 16,000-18,000. We cheer and encourage each other. There is a 'taunt' button. None of us use it. Positive encouragement only!

So for today: I am doing 10,000+ steps a day. Finding ways to get the steps in on the more sedentary days is easier than I originally thought. I give the dog an extra walk, take a few extra trips picking up things around the house, park further away from the store and get up from my desk more frequently during the day all add up and encourage me to hope on the treadmill instead of sit in front of the television in the evening.  I'll let you know how this goes over the next few months.

In keeping the pounds off, how are you keeping your steps up?


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Beth Ann said...

This is exactly why I love the Fitbit. It helps to give you some realistic goals to shoot for! And data to back them up.