Thursday, March 12, 2015

Marion's Post on Being a Food Addict and a Thought on Support

Marion wrote a blow-me-away post on being a food addict  that is a must read for the simple honest truth of what this disease is for those of us who have suffered the disease of compulsively overeating and obesity. 

Something else I was thinking with this subject: people who see our results sometimes think we don't need the support that people need when first starting out. Sometimes I forget that without support I am going to go full circle and gain 200 pounds, eating  my way back to 385 pounds or more. 

If anything I think I have to accept that I need even MORE support now. The further I get from the pain of compulsively overeating and obesity, the less likely I am to respect how agonizing the pain was so I can stay away from the foods and behaviors that will take me there again.

It is more than just offering help to others. Just working with others and seeing the pain they are currently experiencing is not enough to keep me from taking back the food myself. If it were, there would be no relapse along those who work with others. 

I have to remember that I-me-Jane am only one bite away from living that pain again. Everyday I have a choice. I can make the choice that keeps me well, happy and free of addiction or I can make the OTHER choice: the choice that will ALWAYS lead me where I don't want to go. 

So, if you are reading Marion's blog, or my blog, or the blog of anyone else who you think has this thing nailed - PLEASE remember that we are just like anyone else. We fall, we hurt, we bleed. We need support each and every day in keeping the pounds off. 

If I forget this, it can kill me. 

Are you reaching out for the support you need today? 



Unknown said...

Hi Jane, Oh, I love this post too. I also need the TOPS support more now than when I was losing the weight. As you explained, the further we are from the pain, the more support we need. That is why my TOPS chapter wanted me to be an officer of the chapter, because they felt that I needed *several years* to get this monster under control, not just the relatively brief time it took to lose the weight.

I am always concerned that people who need to lose weight are turned off by our blogs because we have already lost the weight. We are still doing the same thing--we are only as good as our latest effort!!!

As always, you have a lot of thought and wisdom behind what you write. :-)

PlumPetals said...

That is so true -- I've struggled to find a supportive community where I am. I often feel like I'm going at this on my own. I guess it just makes me stronger, but it definitely gets lonely at times.

Karen said...

Yes! This! I have more support now- 3+ years into weight maintenance than I did during any of my losing attempts.

The thin line- think Kleenex thin line between food sobriety and the dark place my chronic or acute disease lives is narrow.

"I choose this"- that was my mantra daily while going through withdrawals in the early days. I never know when a binge urge may pop up out of the blue.

I have two sources of support- one is a private weight loss group. The other is a private Food Addiction group. Both accept me as an abstainer.

Thank you for blogging about this important topic. You are not alone. We need support, indeed.

Karen said...

Thank you, Jane! I sent you a virtual bouquet.

Vickie said...

How are things going with your daughter now? Trying to remember how many weeks/months it has been and where she is in her process. And be sensative that you might have an AFTERS adjustment when she leaves.

Jane Cartelli said...

Two screws were removed March 10th.
Started Physical Therapy a week ago.
She is in PT with a therapist twice a week and pool therapy an additional 2x a week now.
This will last 3-8 weeks depending on how she does.

Vickie said...

Pain terrible as she works with PT? Are they working on her whole body after being down so long?

Jane Cartelli said...

Pain was bad at first but she has a very high tolerance to pain and now does not mention it except for when they 'stretch' her. She may be returning to her life up north next week. We will know this Thursday if she is cleared. I was hoping for another 4 weeks here but at the same time that is a mommy thing. When the PT says she can go back, she will go back.

Vickie said...

Are they taking into account, thoroughly enough, realistically enough, the NY element? The distances, the stairs, her weight? Because she is not going back to a typical life on her feet.

Jane Cartelli said...

The PT is working in tandem with her surgeon (same practice). They are well aware of her needs and special situations. Both the PT and surgeon are originally NYC based and they know what is expected.

I disagree. Her doctor expected a full recovery and she is getting close. She is 29, not 50 and right now she can walk up and down (three flights at a time) 9 flights of stairs.

Vickie said...

If they are from NY NY then you are right they know that healing her to return there is very different than healing her to return to small town in Ohio with one traffic light, no distances and no stairs. Because two really different life styles regardless of age.