Sunday, May 31, 2015

Foods that Rhyme with Itch

Recovery from my food addiction depends on several things and one of the most necessary is staying away from my binge foods. Speaking to another person recently, I accidentally said " my bitch foods," instead of binge foods. Thinking about this I see no reason to correct myself. When I pick up binge foods they are an absolute bitch to put down again.

Bitch foods. If I hold the bitch foods in high esteem and put them on an emotional and sensory pedestal. I become their bitch. 'Treats' of the past are the bitch foods of today.

To be free of the 'indentured servitude' of bitch foods, I require a different way of thinking and acting.

When I meet the bitch foods in the aisles of the food market or on a table at a party, I need to be like "Hey bitches, talk to the hand," and keep walking. I will diss the bitch foods.

I will not be their bitch.

Seven clean days and counting



bbubblyb said...

Love it Jane :) keep up the terrific work with showing that bitch food who's boss ;)

Karen said...

Love this!!! You are not alone. Sending you courage , strength , and courage for the next meal and the withdrawals. Onward. And yes, it is the b-word.

Vickie said...

I leave this comment (for all kinds of people) a lot. In addition to what you wrote, which I agree, I have found I also have to be aware of the chain reaction foods. Sweet that leads to salty that leads to fat. So I might eat the first and THINK it is okay because it does not lead to more of the same, but it chain reacts to others. This is mostly with processed. Or too good to be true food/nonfood. I get stuck in loops easily.

Jane Cartelli said...

Thank you Karen, Dawn and Vickie for the support.

Vicki, you are correct about chain reaction foods. I never thought of them that way but I see the patterns clearly.

Unknown said...

Love this! I linked it on my blog post.

Btw, I thought you might be talking about red rad"itch"es from the garden or f"itch"es caught from the lake. Haha.:D

Jane Cartelli said...

Marion - Haha, I had not thought of that. How about Spin-ich?