Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Symphony in a Carrot?

Does hearing the word "pen" make you taste chocolate. If you eat a croissant, do you hear a piano playing?

This article on synesthesia describes a condition where people have a tangling of sensory recognition.
'Tasting colors' and 'hearing taste' are very extreme, rare examples.

I do NOT have synesthesia.

However, I do identify with strange sensory responses. If I hear the word chocolate, I 'see' it and imagine the smell, texture, taste. It has, at times, been a strong response.

Hearing 'sugar' does not trigger any response at all. However, if I EAT sugar I swing from euphoria on the first bite to desolation on the last.

It is better that I do not eat sugar.

I wonder if I have any other unusual sensory responses.

I am doing well this month. Doing the work, getting results. Taking it one day at a time.

Hope you are well.



Karen said...

I have a shape / photo thing. I can "see" sundae toppings in white and brown scallop shells, chips in layered shells on the beach. Ugh! At least I know it's just the left over neuro pathways.

What makes me an excellent nature photographer also can trigger me. I use my tools for unhooking food thoughts and move along. I never eat the food I abstain from.

Interesting topic. Glad you are well

Lauren said...

You know as well as I do that if I just think "pizza" I automatically gain 5 pounds. That's similar, right?