Monday, July 20, 2015

The Witching Hour - a book, not a symptom

The Witching Hour (symptom) is that phenomenon when my body/brain seem to be taken over by unseen powers that demand I feed them chocolate, ice cream, pizza, cheese, even though I know these to be poison to me personally. Often this would start around a set time in the afternoon but The Witching Hour did not rely on just that set time. It could be conjured through a confluence of events such as suddenly knowing that I would be alone in the house for more than 24 hours - and could hide the evidence. (who was I hiding it from - myself?)

This is all old thinking. I no longer give my food impulses power with titles like Witching Hour, intended make me feel too weak to overcome a sudden craving and therefore, helpless to prevent them from happening.

But this post is not about that Witching Hour. It is about a book.

Although I enjoyed the movie Interview with a Vampire many years ago. I have never felt drawn to reading any of Anne Rice's books. No particular reason.  I just finished reading The Witching Hour by Anne Rice​. 960+ pages. I picked it up at the Starbucks lending library in Winter Park, Florida two months ago. I had some time to sit with a coffee and I picked up a book from the lending basket and starting reading, not expecting to get more than two pages in before I would return the book to the basket and leave with my coffee. I ended up reading the first 25 pages and taking the book home.

I lost interest around page 100 and decided to give it another 100 pages and then decide if I wanted to invest anymore time in the book. I read maybe two pages a day until last week when around page 250 when the story sucked me back in. I have read it voraciously for the past week, finishing it today.

The ending left me sad and lacking closure. I went on the Internet and found Anne Rice has a site (doesn't everyone have a site now?) and was quickly able to see that yes, there are two more books in this series. I will be getting them soon. While I was there I looked around a little bit and found that some characters in this series (the Mayfair Witches) appear in some of her Vampire Series of books.

I will probably have to get those, too. Damn.

Be careful of the books you pick up in lending libraries. They can make you hungry for others.

Anyway, I am food sober and doing what I can to stay food sober another day. I've had my ebbs and flows these past few months. I am on strong footing again. Getting imaginary gold stars from my therapist, mentors and spouse.

And reading about witches.



Vickie said...

Just got sucked into Grey's Anatomy. Luckily I do not eat while I watch TV. Very glad to hear from you.

Karen said...

Congratulations on your continued food sobriety, your strength, your courage.

Add another virtual gold star to your cap.

I picked up a copy of the Steve Jobs biography and the Astronaut's wives club to read in my vanpool. Nice to have books in my hands.

Jane Cartelli said...

I don't watch medical shows anymore - part of my recovery from being a hypochondriac. LOL However I do watch the first and last episode each year from Grey's and I found it was enough. My daughter fills in any holes in the plots for me.

Karen - total transparency: my food sobriety has included breaks these past few years and that includes earlier this month. I am back in the best possible place now and hopefully will dig a deep enough groove to remain there (and take off the additional weight). One day at a time.

bbubblyb said...

I just talked about AA the other day so when you talk food sobriety it always brings it to mind. I have thought of tops like my AA and I definitely identify with you Jane with how at times it does feel like the bewitching hour. Glad you're doing well :)

Jane Cartelli said...

I have now read the second book in this series of three, Lasher. Now I give up. This book was creepy. I dislike the pedophilia part of this story line. There is an ending to the main plot and that is enough for me. I read a synopsis and reviews of the final book and I would not be happy if I read it. I will save those hours of my life and apply them to something else. I don't know yet if I will try any books in the Vampire series.

Vickie said...

August update before the calendar changes?

Jane Cartelli said...

Have not started with any Vampire books yet, Vickie. Too busy at work right now. I am about to be short staffed and we are just getting ready to hit our busy season. It is going to be interesting.