Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bad Feet and Legs

There are no other words for it. I have bad feet. Not bad like my grandmothers and mom had to deal with. They had toes that grew wrong and bunions and outright deformed feet by the time they were in their 50s. My feet just hurt. For a whole six months they hurt as I gained weight. (duh). I thought as I lost weight the pains would go away, the way my knees got better when I lost all my weight and exercised to strengthen my legs. Nope.

The worse pain has been the front of my ankle, where foot meets leg. Agony in both legs if I stand still for too long and painful if I walk more than half a mile. I have a current first diagnois of severe tendonitis. I was ordered to stay off my feet for two weeks. Keep them elevated, take anti-inflamatories, rub them with Aspercreme and ice them on and off. Two weeks. Who has two weeks to sit with their legs elevated and do nothing? I sure didn't but the pain was such that I chucked everything else and planted myself in a recliner for two weeks, feet up, on meds, used ice. It did NOTHING.

I go back to the doctor on February 6th and I will be seeing a specialist after that. Enough of this.

Now, back to keeping the pounds off:

I lost 5 pounds over Christmas. Then I spent two weeks doing absolutely nothing. The only change in my food plan was to take out the daily protein bar. Two weeks of nothing: I lost another pound!

I truely thought I would gain. Seeing a loss was a big bonus.

Back to feet/legs:

I alternated between asprin and Advil. I detest taking drugs for anything but I can tolerate asprin well so I take that for headaches but it did not help with the inflamation. Advil helped a tiny bit so I stuck with that. Aleve does not do anything for me. Don't you love the warnings on these products?
Taking this medication may produce a greater risk of heart attack or stroke than existed before taking the medication. WTF??

Enough, let's go back to keeping the pounds off:
Pain or not, I am back to work and trying for gentle exercise. I am trying not to be depressed that I cannot just go out and walk without worry that I won't be able to make it back home. With any luck I can lose some more weight with the gentle exericse. No changes in my food. I am still sugar, milk fat and binge free and hope to celebrate six months in less than three weeks.

One day at a time


Vickie said...

Do you have access to a pool? Because laps sound like a very god idea. Kick board if you don't like strokes.

And do you have a good orthotic shoe store to consult? In addition to your doctors?

So sorry for the foot pain. Very glad to hear from you.

Jane Cartelli said...

I thought so, too. However in practice that did not work out. The movement of the ankles while kicking was very painful. Walking in the water is okay but as soon as I tried faster movement I had to stop because the ankles could not stand it. The pool is not heated so I am waiting for it to warm up a bit before I do that again.

Vickie said...

There are floats that hold your legs and then you swim with your arms. I have used them.

Totally agree about cold pools.

Jane Cartelli said...

I don't know where the comment went but someone mentioned rowing machine. My knees do not bend for a rowing machine and the lower back will not put up with it. The Advil and rest are working, just very slowly. After I did my two weeks and saw the doctor, she said two weeks is just a start. It can easily take two months! Well, I don't have that kind of downtime but I am doing what I can, as I can. As soon as it is warm enough, I will be back in the pools.

Vickie said...

Wow. Sorry to hear that you are still struggling with so much pain and incapacity, wondering if you should consider Florida Mayo Clinic - ?