Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hello Baltimore . . .but I'm not staying.

A family member (FM) is moving to Baltimore's Inner Harbor and I have been busy, busy, busy helping out. Took a trip to apartment hunt and check out the city. Left 2 days before the storm. I put myself in charge of the moving process, which includes making reservations, packing, trucking it up to Maryland and then unpacking. I was financially able to hire professionals to unload the truck once there (thank you God). I took this upon myself to smooth the way for FM and I must be honest: I am friggin' exhausted and I am never, ever volunteering for this again. In fact, you couldn't pay me to do this again. 

I have enjoyed shopping for all the necessities that come with new households. My food has been pretty clean. I notice I have not been eating enough veggies and have not been drinking my 80oz of water every day. I corrected my water consumption when I noticed the drop. Winter weather does that to me. The unexpected cold weather in Florida last week caught me off guard and I stopped drinking. 

I'll share some Baltimore experiences soon. Still keeping the pounds off. Talk soon.


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