Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I Like Baltimore

In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Lady Catherine de Bourgh observes
"This must be a most inconvenient sitting room for the evening, in summer; the windows are full west.''
I have only good things to report so far in this moving and settling experience for Family Member (FM). The apartment is eight stories up and on a hill. The apartment gets great light all day long without the heat of a full west exposure.

From the apartment windows, I can see the lovely pool area, Penn Station, at least 8 church steeples, (3 are Episcopal), and the University of Baltimore. Penn station is a 10-minute walk. Subway is a five-minute walk in other direction. The Light Rail station is across the street and down half a block.

Building security is very good. The electronic fob is used for entry and working the elevators. All doors in the building require a fob to gain access, plus keys for the apartments. Even if you follow someone into the building, you cannot just get an elevator. You need the fob. If they hit floor 9 and you want floor 6 you cannot go to 6 w/o the fob. If you have a guest you go down to the lobby to let them in. Guests can enter the elevator to leave the building without a fob as the elevator will return only to the lobby w/o fob. Security cameras are everywhere. The gym is all glass so no dark corners. Instead of a doorman, there is a concierge on duty in the lobby.

I am insect-phobic. In 10 days I never saw a single bug or evidence of such. In an apartment building, in a city . . . . of course there must be bugs, but this lack shows me how well this building is being cared for at this time.  Even the laundry and trash areas, at night, were free from signs of infestation.

We food shopped in Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, and Target. Harris Teeter veggies were subprime, imho. The various Starbucks in Baltimore do not offer stevia, yet.  The Starbucks by the waterfront has the new nitro cold-brew coffee. It was incredible.

There is only one movie theater downtown. Landmark theater. They sell whole bottles of wine and crab-stuffed hot pretzels. The amount of alcohol being consumed during Beauty and the Beast is . . . disturbing. People came into the theater quite late. Some families just sat on the floor, rather than find seats together. People got up half way through the movie and came back with more wine.

Except for this theater-in-need-of-a-recovery-program, it's all good. 

Finding nothing else lacking at this point, the transition has been smooth. I am returning home to face the afters . . . those feelings that have been kept in check by activity and denial.

Awareness helps.



Vickie said...

Yep, know the afters well. Anticipating they are coming helps. A routine/schedule will ease them. Exercise every day, even just a walk helps too. I will be thinking of you.

Specifics please - apps, service, lists, etc?
I am curious what method you used to find apt.
Did you find it long distance or were you in town hunting?

We are frequently looking for housing in new cities between all the kids. The apt you describe sounds much like the one my middle lives in now. Her car is in a parking garage attached to the building. Also totally bug free (knock on wood).

This week's challenge has been housing for youngest, one month only, middle of June to middle of July of course, and everything within walking distance. We think we found it.

Karen said...

Glad FM is getting settled. My dad got sick right when I was at the end of college. I was 100% on my own when I busted out onto my own job and life.

I'm not sure if it would have been better or not to have my families help. It was before the Internet. I'm sure searching would be easier.

Glad to see you posting again, Jane! Karen P

Vickie said...

How are you? Was thinking about your feet and ankles today and wondering how things have been since February - ?

Anonymous said...

I have family needing to evacuate Florida from the threat of hurricane Irma. Hope you and your family are safe during this scary situation. Take care, Heather in TX 😎