Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Still Not Back to Normal

Heading north tomorrow for my brother's memorial services. Yes, he died three weeks ago. Our family does things this way so that anyone who wants to be there can have time to make travel arrangements, work arrangements. It is a tradition that we started when my father died at Thanksgiving and I was not able to travel until Christmas. Then, when my mom died, we had to wait for the coroner to release her body so we had to delay anyway, might as well make it when everyone could travel and now with my brother, we waited 3 weeks so all who loved him could be there and we could support each other. The weather is supposed to be bitingly cold on Friday and Saturday. Well, we will have the love of family to keep us warm and that will be enough.

I am maintaining right now. That is fine. I am not gaining and I am not eating sugars or most flours. I am not binging. I am looking forward to coming back home and getting more exercise in now that I am past a very busy work period.

I'll write again soon. My sister and I know how to put the 'fun' in funeral. My brother would have accepted nothing less than humor.


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Karen said...

I'm so, so sorry for your loss. We also plan funerals this way, 3 weeks to 1 month later so that we can all travel, make arrangements, then spend some time together. Otherwise we don't go due to 5X the expense to fly.

Take care, Jane. It's no easy task to abstain during tough emotional times, but it's what is required. Kudos for that. Strength and courage. Karen P.