Product Reviews

From kettle balls to kettle chips, the shopping world can be a maze of confusion. There are professionals to tell you how to shop, where to shop and what to buy. I am not a professional shopper or product analyst. I am a consumer, constantly targeted by the 629 advertisements flashing before me each day on the Internet, television, highway billboards, magazines and retail locations everywhere. The sole purpose of this page is to share my experiences with the products I review here. If at any time I do not pay retail price for an item and I am given a preview or sample product without cost I will disclose that to you in my review. If at any time I hear from a company, manufacturer or author after reviewing their product I will also disclose that correspondence. Until such a time I am an uncompensated consumer of any item/product/service listed on this page. 

  • Lara Bars: 
If you are starving and want something immediately and tend to bite and swallow without really chewin your food - stay away from the Lara Bar. If you can eat slowly and really savor the taste and texture of the Lara Bars these may be a good choice for you. No added sugar, no artificial ingredients, a large selection of flavors and about $1.40 each: these bars are a great high fiber snack. I like the Key Lime and the Coconut Cream bars best. I also like the Apple Pie bar. I like the Cherry pie bar.  Some of the newer flavors do have added ingredients I do not eat so I carefully read each ingredient label - even if I have purchased the bar many times before.  Most bars are made with dates for sweetness. Many have coconut or other nuts. I can take 10 minutes to bite, chew and swallow one small Lara bar. I like to make them last. I do not eat these very often anymore. I like to have Lara bars on hand when I am caught out and without my healthy snack.  But I have had a coconut cream bar in my purse for two weeks while I traveled at snack times and amazingly it is still there. 
  • PB2: 
Many nuts contain oils that are considered healthy. However you can get too much of a good thing. Enter PB2: powdered peanut butter. This is a product by the Bell Plantation Corporation of Tifton, Georgia. It is peanut butter with most of the oil/fat removed. PB2 contains 85% LESS fat than natural peanut butter and none of the additives of processed peanut butter. You simply add 1 tablespoon of water to 2 tbs of PB2 to make 1 serving of PB2. One serving contains 1.5 grams of fat, 5 g protein, 5 g carb, 94mg of sodium and 2 g fiber. Although the product ingredients lists sugar as an ingredient it is an amount equal to what is found in natural peanut butter: 1 gram. I like Pb2. It does not contain soy or any hydrogenated oils. It gives added flavor to recipes where I want the peanut taste but not the added fat. I use it as a dip for carrots and apples. I know people who use it to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You can purchase PB2 at some health and specialty stores. I purchase it on line at .