Telugu action drama films of all time

Telugu action drama films of all time

With the continuous lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a few movies ready to release in theatres have decided to opt for OTT platforms. Dedicated to the Telugu language, the OTT platform called Aha has created a buzz online with its films and content. It is an OTT Platform where you can watch movies. Aha keeps releasing new Telugu movies, Telugu web series, and more every once in a while that you can enjoy watching with your friends and family in this lockdown. One such film is streaming on Aha is Mental Madhilo.

Adding to the current urban romance trend hitting the Telugu screens-Mental Madhilo is a realistic portrayal of a young, fickle person’s Romantic confusion. The film is lovely in the manner it breaks gender and cultural stereotypes in an inconspicuous way.

All About the film

Aravind Krishna (Sree Vishnu) is a confused soul by birth who gets stalled when he has many choices put before him. Tired of this disposition, his parents decided to get him hitched. He meets a young lady called Swetcha (NivethaPethuraj) and gets attached to her interaction.

When all that is working out in a good way, Arvind is driven out for Mumbai one fine day. There, he meets one younger lady called Renu (Amrutha) and gets attracted to her. What will a confounded Arvind do now? Which lady will he pick? Furthermore, how might the whole love confusion get cleared? That is what this movie is about.

Probably the greatest asset of the film is the adorable character of Sree Vishnu. You will fall head over heels in love for his guiltlessness and how his role has been portrayed in the movie. The producers grandstand the first half in such an engaging way that the crowd’s expectations go very high.

Coming to the film’s direction, Vivek Athreya has done a fantastic job undoubtedly. His solidarity lies in the manner he portrays the story in a lighter vein. The director is successful in bringing the everyday life issues in a balanced way. Both the first and second half of the movie has a solid connection. It abides the audience to their couch till the end. The cinematography and music of the film are excellent.

All in all, Mental Madhilo is a windy romantic comedy that has its heart in the perfect spot. The film is pragmatic in dealing with connections, clarifying that love is not difficult to come; however, committing is a troublesome thing. The love sentiment, expressed by the lead pair and cheerful family, connects the audience until the movie ends. Even though the film has an anticipated and basic storyline, Sree Vishnu’s performance ensures that one gets engaged.

Watch this film if you’re searching for something very laidback, excellent, and straightforward; you will love it. Don’t hang tight for long; get the Aha subscription today. The Aha is a dedicated Best Telugu movies and web series platform where you can watch online and offline content at your home’s comfort.

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